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10 reasons to visit Slovakia - most beatiful places and travel tips

10 reasons to visit Slovakia - most beatiful places and travel tips

10 reasons to visit Slovakia — most beatiful places and travel tips. Slovakia is a small European country with picturesque landscapes. It is one of the lesser-known, but still a beautiful destination. Slovakia is a little treasure-box with natural gems, historical monuments, castles, affluent culture and whimsical traditions. Here are 10 reasons to visit this fascinating country:

Nature of Slovakia

The country lives in complete harmony with nature and is filled with natural scenery.A total of 9 national parks and 14 protected landscape areas are situated in the country. Plus there are mountains of High Tatras with peaks over 2500 m and ancient glacier lakes, Low Tatras with lush alpine meadows and spectacular valleys. On top of that, Slovakia has more than 6000 caves and the number is growing, since new caves are still being discovered. Some of the best caves are in the national parks of Low Tatras, Slovak Paradise, and Slovak Karst. Most of these caves represent unique natural wonders. Some of the most prominent caves of Slovakia is the Ochtinska Aragonite Cave, the only aragonite cave in Europe and the huge Krasnohorska cave which is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Also, Slovakia has more than 1300 incredible sources of mineral water and healing thermal springs. These are used for therapeutic and recreation purposes in SPAs and massage centers.

Nature in Slovakia

Upholding of folk architecture

A village in Northern Slovakia, called Čičmany, has officially been recognised as the world’s first reservation of folk architecture. The place is surrounded by graphic mountains. Around 130 timber houses are listed in the historic preservation zone. The walls of the houses are decorated with white geometrical patterns. Similar patterns illustrate the clothes pf the folk, living in the Čičmany village.

Slovakia can boast of the biggest number of castles and chateaux in the world

In total, Slovakia is the home to 180 castles and 425 chateaux. Some of the most popular castles of Slovakia are Bratislava castle, Orava castle or Bojnice castle. They draw the most visitors each year. The most popular, however, is the medieval Spiš Castle (near Žehra, Hodkovce and Studenec). It is officially one of the largest castles in Central Europe and has been enlisted in the UNESCO List of World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage.

Spis Castle in Slovakia - great reason to visit Slovakia

Europe’s Median

Slovakia’s recreational site in the ski resort Krahule near the village Kremnické Bane is considered to be “The Centre of Europe”, as it proudly stands in the geographical midpoint of Europe.

Free of Charge Train Rides

The national railways of Slovakia are free of charge for citizens or permanent residents of countries that are member states of the European Union. So while trvelling to Slovakia, make sure to ask for registration at the cash desks to obtain your personal customer card. Using the card, you can obtain get a zero-fare ticket for any particular train.

Slovakia uses Euro

Slovakia is among the number of Eurozone countries. Starting 2009 the country switched to Euro (EUR). Before, Slovakia used the Slovak Koruna (SKK) as its national currency. Adopting Euro resulted for Slovakia in creating a huge tourist flow from all over Europe.

Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, borders two countries

The city lies on the borders with Austria and Hungary at the same time. Bratislavais the only capital city in the world that borders two independent countries. On top of that the capital of Slovakia is only 60km away from Austria’s capital, Vienna. Both of these capitals are located on the banks of the Danube River. Tourists are offered 90 minutes boat trips from one European capital to another.

Good alcohol (careful though)

For the lovers of shots, Slovakia is the perfect place. Slovaks will gladly treat you to shots of their traditional alcohol, like Borovička, or Slivovica, also called Slivka. If you prefer wine, that’s also fine). Only 20km away from the capital, Bratislava, there is world famous Tokaj wine region.It is among the best regoins in Europe with charming baroque towns that fuse history with wine at the foot of the Little Carpathian mountains.

Traditional alcohol in Slovakia

Slovak cuisine

Slovak cuisine is a mix of three cultures. Popular dishes in the county have been influenced by neighboring Austria and Hungary. Traditional Slovak cuisine is very tasty, however not really health as most of the dishes require white flour in the process of cooking. Among the widely known dishes are Bryndzove halushky (potato dumplings with sheep cheese and roasted bacon), Zemiyakove placky (potato pancakes fried in oil with garlic and flour), Granadir (pasta with potato), Fried cheese (cheese fried in bread crumbs), Schnitzel (a slice of meat fried in fat)

Slovak’s extreme hospitality

People of Slovakia love visitors. They have a saying, “A guest in the house is a God in the house”. Slovaks make sure that a visitor’s stay in their house is as tasty and comfortable as possible. Your glass will never be empty and your plate will never be lacking. To sum it up, just befriend a Slovak and all the doors ha can walk through open for you as well.

Slovak’s extreme hospitality

Summing up, when planning a tour around Europe, remember Slovakia is a must-visit. 

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