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List of cities in Slovakia with only 3 hotels

List of cities in Slovakia with only 3 hotels

This cities will be added to main list if they will be popular at our website. Tourists need to be more careful in these cities, because on arrival you can be left homeless. Before visiting these cities, you need to clarify the possibility of booking apartments or rooms in hotels or be able to leave for another city with hotels.

  • Spissky Stvrtok
  • Tajov
  • Muran
  • Sulov-Hradna
  • Betliar
  • Belusa
  • Lubina
  • Brusno
We also deleted from our websites this cities: Detva, Cierna nad Tisou, Gabcikovo, Gbely, Hanusovce nad Toplou, Handlova, Giraltovce, Gelnica, Hnusta, Hurbanovo, Ilava, Krasno nad Kysucou, Leopoldov, Modry Kamen, Novaky, Podolinec, Poltar, Revuca, Sastin-Straze, Secovce, Sered, Sobrance, Spisske Vlachy, Surany, Tornala, Turany, Velke Kapusany, Velky Krtis. This cities very small for popular hotels and motels so there is no places to stay.
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